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I’m Tim and I own and run Miniature- Heroes. I started off in the hobby back in 1984 with a few citadel miniatures and a small amount of Airfix enamel paints. Well I was hooked and it’s been my hobby ever since. After a 20 year career in construction my life changed again and I needed another way to make a living. So in 2008 Miniature- Heroes was born. Initially I started buying and selling old miniatures on ebay. However it soon became clear that ebay was doing rather well from all my hard work. That’s when in 2009 the first MH online shop opened, and I’ve been trading successfully ever since.

Now I stock Reaper, Dark Sword and the remastered miniatures of Ral Partha Legacy. Hobby supplies, paints and even plinths and painting handles of my own manufacturer. The icing on the cake is my own line of miniatures. RPG characters of the main fantasy adventuring races.

With over 40 years in the hobby, and 16 running my own online business I’ve got a little bit of experience behind me. My passion is my work, come and explore.

Sablesinge - the painting dragon