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How to Improve your Tabletop Miniature Painting ?

Right, you’ve been painting for a while. Perhaps you got one of the excellent “Learn to paint Kits” from Reaper and now want to take things on a bit. But how? Well I’m going to give you the benefit of my extensive painting experience, and in future hopefully get a few pro painters to give […]

Giant Troll – Finishing

Welcome the the third and final part of my giant troll painting journey. Here you’ll see the finished paint jobs and be able to make your own minds up as to whether it’s a good job or not. Of course the critical thing is whether Jacob of Ral Partha Legacy thinks it’s a good thing […]

Trolls, Brushes and Bones

Carrying on from the last post, the Ral Partha Legacy trolls have moved to the painting table. Now I’m not an expert painter, and nor do I profess to have a great artistic knowledge or ability. But I will discribe what I do in the hope you might find it useful, and occasionally even humourous. […]