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Dwarf Kings Court – Complete & Painted


SS2 Citadel Miniatures Dwarf Kings Court

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Dwarf Kings Court


This listing is for a complete, pre-slotta, Speciality Set 2, Dwarf King’s Court by Citadel Miniatures.

Originally released in 1982-3, this was one of the first boxed sets of miniatures that Citadel produced.

It contains 10 miniatures, all painted by me, and the box in the picture. It’s one of the later ones with the vacuum formed black plastic insert.

The Courts comprises of :

  • King Dumin Ironbeard
  • Queen Asabelle Dragonsmiter
  • Orizard Oldrock – King’s Champion
  • Quintin Limpfondle – Queen’s Champion
  • Fungil Wisebeard – The Sage
  • Bomban Ironbeater – Royal Armourer
  • Sargeant Dimgol – Master of the Guard
  • Royal Guard Mimbrin
  • Cyril Bear – Royal Mascot
  • Corbit Shortstuff – Gnome Jester

Open to sensible offers on this. Email me via the contact box.


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