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25101 : Warlord 2nd Edition Rule Book *


1 Softback Warlord 2nd Edition Rulebook.

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Warlord 2nd Edition Rulebook from Reaper Miniatures. 144 page softback book.

” The Land of Taltos has never known peace. Warriors, thugs, monsters and demons entangle themselves amoungst the humans, elves, dwarves and other races. Some seek power, some influence, but all strive to become masters of the domain of Taltos – to become Warlords! Will you rise to the challenge? Choose a side! Take up a standard, gather your army, and write your own legacy into the history books! “

This softback rulebook includes :

An insider’s account of the land of Taltos.

Complete Rules.

Ten Army Rosters.

Data Cards and story backgrounds on nearly 400 characters.

Completely revamped Spellcasting system.

Streamlined ruleset for faster play.

And here are the Metal Miniatures that go with the game.


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