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MAGIC SCULPT putty 200g


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Magic Sculpt is a room-temperature curing two-part epoxy putty that lets you create extra-fine, highly-detailed sculpture projects.

Magic Sculpt is also an excellent repair putty with tremendous strength and adhesive properties. Mixed components (add pigment if desired) have a clay consistency with about 1-2 hours of working time. Magic Sculpt cures at room temperature to a strong rock-hard finish that can be sanded, painted and drilled. Magic Sculpt is compatible with water. Wet your fingers / glove and smooth over the area.

Magic sculpt feels a lot like clay.

Heat resistant up to 130ºC

(i) This set contains 200gr. of Magic Sculpt Putty packed in metal premium cans to improve its preservation.

You get two tins, 100g of putty and 100g of hardener.


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