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New Releases from Reaper Miniatures

New Realeases from Reaper Miniatures.

So here we are, the first new metal miniature releases of 2020 by Reaper. A bit of a mixed bag too, and some faces that you have definately seen before in other lines.

It’s also a bit of a milestone moment, as with the release of Arik the Barbarian, the Dark Heaven Legends line breaks the 4000 code barrier. With the starting code of the range being 2000, the DHL line is now 2000 miniatures strong, and still going. This must be something of a record for a single miniatures range.

So Arik, the Skeletal Samurai and the Nagendra Female Warrior look to be brand new releases. The Dark Elf trio have already appeared in the Bones Black plastic range, as have the two new additions to the Dungeon Dwellers line.

Speaking of the early releases of Bones Black, codes 44001 through to 44012. I expected Reaper to make these available now the special monthly ( for 2019 ) promotions have finished. I tried ordering some on my last order, and they were rejected. I can only conclude that they will be released, but perhaps not for a while. I have some stock left at the time of writing.

As usual, if you’d like any of these, just pre-order before the next Reaper order date. That you can see at the top blue bit on the main site.