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Lament of the Mini Painter

Now I’ve been painting minis since 1984
It’s been a hobby I enjoy, never been a chore.

I think I’ve painted most everything, from halflings to dragons large,
Humans, ogres, trolls and gnomes, even one thing on a barge.

I’ve learnt to drybrush, wash and shade; highlight too at times,
OSL when needs arise, and even paint straight lines.

But the thing that trips me to this day, will come as no surprise,
Try as I might I just can’t paint a pair of decent eyes!

If crossed eyed minis were a special class, a prize I’d surly win,
For bossed eyes too I reckon, I’d get a finalist pin.

I blame the sculptors for my plight, a mean and crafty bunch,
They make the eyes so tiny see, on purpose is my hunch.

With visor on and sharp brush primed, I close in on the task,
One eye down, and it looks good, I bet my luck won’t last.

Reload brush, but just a touch, I only need a spot,
Steady hand and breathing slow I prepare to make the dot.

Brush tip touched, now pull away, how does the eye appear,
Wonderful, a perfect case of looking out one’s ear!

Perhaps it is a chaos mark, a dark blessing from on high,
Or a strange magical affliction, it’s only a little lie.

Perhaps the next one will be better, I say that every time,
In this case true, is just some scenery with a clinging vine.