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Kitsune, Kenku & Cats – New Darksword Miniatures

Kitsune Kenku & Cats

With the new year, and new decade just around the corner I’d like to offer my thanks to you my news blog readers, and to all who have bought from and supported my little one man shop.

None of us know what the coming year may bring, but I do sincerely hope that it provides good fortune to everyone.

Perhaps it’s also a good omen that Darksword Miniatures latest release features the wise and graceful Kitsune of Japanese folklore. The concept art was by Stephanie Law and the sculpting by Patrick Keith of Bombshell miniatures fame.

Add to that some Kenku Birdfolk and a couple of new feline subjects. Korben, (tank cat, due to his size ), belongs to noted paint mistress Rhonda Bender. She painted the display model in the video. She also wrote a great blog post about how to paint fur, which I have a link to HERE.

Happy New Year and hope to see you all in 2020.