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I’ve been drafted !

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to sit down and write a blog post. In truth it’s been a lack of time problem. Since the last post, I’ve moved servers, changed IT professionals, and had the theme changed on the shop. It’s all added up to a lot of work, mainly behind the scenes, and only now am I starting to see the wood for the trees. Covid-19 still remains as a huge problem, especially here in the UK. 40,000 cases daily, and over 700 deaths in the last 7 days don’t seem to warrant even a raised eyebrow now. mask wearing has all but stopped and social distancing is a distant memory. Still at least everything else is running smoothly 😉

It’s against this rather turbulent backdrop that I recently received a small order from Jacob F. of Ral Partha Legacy. I’d been expecting a few things, and as usual they arrived promptly and well packed. What I didn’t expect was the additional note and figures he’d also included. Basically he wanted me to paint the two troll giants pictured above for him. Once done they would be returned to the US and be put on display on the RPL website, and possibly elsewhere.

I have to confess to being honoured that he thinks my paint daubing is good enough to grace the RPL site. I’m also a bit nervous about it too. This is commission painting, and I’ve never done that before. I paint for my own collection, and so if it doesn’t turnout as good as I’d like, well no one is really going to see it. Plus how do you know that you are a good painter? The internet give us access to so many beautifully painted miniature images, it becomes more than a bit disheartening when you start to compare you own efforts.

It’s worth bearing in mind however that sometimes what we see, isn’t quite what it appears. Skills with a paintbrush go so far, but skill with Photoshop can raise the good to the really good. Also, the defination of professional is someone who does something for reward, usually money. It’s not a standard, so even if you’re using a paint roller for the finer details, as long as it sells, you’re a pro painter !

So now to work, and hopefully a few more blog posts as they progress along their painting journey. I don’t confess to be an expert, but I’ll share what I’ve been doing with them along the way. I think this new blog allows for comments, so if you want to contribute, please feel free.