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GreenStuff World Restock & Reaper New Releases

GreenStuff World make a lot of really great products, some of which I’ve been stocking in the shop for the last couple of years. I have to admit I’ve been a bit slow to re-stock their lines lately. But all that has now changed with the large delivery I received from them last week.

So what can you expect to see back in stock? Well the Chameleon Colorshift paints are back in packs as well as singles. More stock of the ever popular cobblestone and small cobblestone rolling pins. Grass tufts, flock and procreate modelling putty. Pinning brass rod stocks have been increased and most of the leaf punches are now back in stock too.

New additions are two new colours of natural leaf litter, Spring Green and Autumn Orange. I only brought a few post of these in to see how popular they’d be, and they’ve already started selling. However probably the most exciting new GreenStuff World product is the UV curing Water Effects Resin. This is a clear liquid resin that just needs UV light to set. It will cast small parts, but it best for adding water effects to your bases and dioramas.

Natural sunlight will cure it, but if you want to set it quicker, say for forming drips or small watter droplets, then the use of a UV light source is the way to go. GreenStuff World have to covered here too with a handy pocket sized UV torch. It just needs batteries and suddenly the resin has just got even more useful. The torches are in stock in the Miniature-Heroes shop too.

Reaper New Releases

I’ve also just finished uploading the latest Black Bones plastic releases from Reaper Miniatures. All are available to pre-order and consist of :

44112 Zombie Shark
44113 Dark Dwarf Irontongue Priest
44114 Isobael the Bard & Rufus her trusty Dog companion
44115 Bog Skeletons (5)
44116 Thrasher Snail

Those of us of a certain age will remember the close relative of the Thrasher Snail that made it’s appearance in the AD&D Fiend Folio many years ago. Either way, neither are something you want to stumble on in your cabbage patch.

Right that’s about it for this update.