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Welcome to probably the largest range of D&D style miniatures in the UK

Probably the most well known being Reaper Miniatures. Here at Miniature-Heroes we’ve been proud to retail their products for over 10 years. We stock their DHL, Warlord and Chronoscope metal ranges along with Bones plastics, and now the newer Bones Black harder plastic miniatures. I also stock their excellent MSP and Bones Ultra Paint ranges which are all non toxic acrylic, and specially designed for smooth and creative miniature painting.

Darksword miniatures are a premier range of fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons style characters and creatures, sculpted to a very high level of detail. From Dwarf Wizards through to Female Bards, each is a collectors item. They also have a Game of Thrones inspired range too.

Green Stuff World are a leading manufacturer of Hobby and Modelling supplies. As their name suggests they retail the most well known modelling putty, Green stuff. Also Brown stuff, Magic Sculpt and Procrete. Chameleon ColorShift paints, Brass Rod, Tools, Sculpting Corks, and all sorts of basing materials. And don’t forget to check out their ranges of Textured Rolling Pins. All are available in the shop.

Mannequin Miniatures are a range of metal miniatures from a good friend of mine. A talented amateur sculptor in his own right, he has also acquired ranges from other well known industry figures like Bob Olley and Kev Adams. His range now includes, Goblins, Orcs, Undead, Female Adventurers, and Scenery pieces. Again it’s unique to miniature heroes, and well worth a browse.

The classic miniatures from Ral Partha, remastered and recast in lead free pewter. Now you can adventure AD&D style again with the miniatures that were originally designed for it. Miniature-heroes is proud to the the only UK stockist for these figures.

Tom Meier’s own range of miniatures, and a perk of being a RPL stockist. Elves, trolls, goblins along with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, all in stunning miniature detail. If you love Tom’s work you need these in your collection.

Our own range of products.

Westfalia are a miniature company based in Canada. They produce a slightly different take on the traditional fantasy genre. Using only the best sculptors, including Boris Woloszyn, they’ve created a range of resin masterpieces that rival far larger companies. They’re range of 3D printed halflings are cutting edge, using new technology to produce some really special sculptures.