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A few more Bones Black Additions

In their last update Reaper released a few more of their new Bones Black miniatures. The release also included the first Bones Black kit which is Mumlak the Elephant headed ogre / giant on the main picture.

This is the first kit they’re released in this new plastic, and yes it is a plastic. I keep seeing posts from people referring to the stuff as resin, which it most certainly isn’t. It’s just a stiffer type of plastic to the normal bones, and having had a go at painting it, I can say it’s a great improvement.

It’ll never replace metal in my affections, but it is leap forward from the flexibility and soft detail holding of the regular bones.

These are the new releases.


Bufo seems to be a small Snakeman with a cleaver, lantern and trident.

Spirit Beast

Bit of a mis mash of different creatures this one. Could be a relative of the Peryton.

Mumlak – Elehpant Headed Giant Kit

This is clearly big, the little B at the base of the mini is supposed to be 6mm high, of 1/4 inch for those of us old enough to remember imperial measurments here in the UK. Indeed the little B or the M you see on the newer Reaper miniature pictures is there for a size marker, ( 6mm high ), and so you can see if the mini is M = Metal or B = Bones plastic.

I don’t think it’s a great system myself so I’m trying to update my shop listings with the actual overall sizes of the miniatures when I have them in hand. Measuring them through their blisters isn’t 100% accurate, but it’s better than nothing.

Next order is going to be placed on the 5th August at 10.00. And don’t forget to register your account so you can earn reward points very time to buy. They don’t expire and they soon add up to a great little discount.