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77013: Minotaur

Ricardo C.
Really sturdy mini with tons of detail. Required soaking in hot water to straighten him up, but other than that couldn't really fault it.Just had to fill in a few gaps, which is to be expected....

77044: Turanil, Male Elf Paladin

Ricardo C.
Good for the price but some of the detail on the face was not clear/distorted, so I would go for the metal versions if you really want something special....

50112: Phat Clark, Gang Boss

Ken C.
*Note for anyone interested - This miniature has a 'Scouter' style plate over its right eye - not too hard to reimagine as an affixed eye patch or cybernetic component (depending on your needs) --
Overall this is a great model! - I will be ordering more copies for multiple projects (First purchase was for appraisal) - only cons are it can be quite 'flashy' and will not fit onto a standard base while tabbed - a good project for a custom basing job though (Pin to rubble/rocks etc)
My next one is for Fantasy - perfect model for my LARP/Tabletop character - Clark 'the Fatman' Thatcher: Smuggler, Trapsmith and Cunning Thug - simple weapon swap (Sword in back hand, Flintlock pistol)
Never feel limited, embrace the chaos that is your imagination ;)
Kenny 'The Fatman'...

03147: Thunderworm - Cannon

Dylan R.
A note on the price: This is a VERY large cannon. The cannon's barrel itself is around 7cm long, with the bore being just shy of 1cm. It's a very big gun!

The model itself is cleanly cast, with only one minor issue where the carriage wheel strut has a little lip that stops it easily fitting. Removed momentarily with a dremel, and not at all visible on the finished piece. No visible flash and only one or two vents that were easily twisted off.

All in all, an excellent model for a fearsome bombard....

89037: Quinn, Iconic Investigator

Philip S.
Very nice mini with lots of crisp little details and textures.

03461: Goldar the Barbarian

Thomas D.
Great detail on figure, and quick delivery. However when the mini was delivered the axe head was hanging of the axe handle but it was an easy fix with a bit of glue. For the price the mini was great and I recommend it....