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03461: Goldar the Barbarian

Thomas D.
Great detail on figure, and quick delivery. However when the mini was delivered the axe head was hanging of the axe handle but it was an easy fix with a bit of glue. For the price the mini was great and I recommend it....

77005: Ogre Chieftain

Philip Sherlock
Very large figure, works perfectly as a hero for the Mantic ogres, being bigger but of similar style....

77009: Werewolf

Philip Sherlock
Excellent miniature, very good detail and a very dynamic pose, not static or overmuscled like other werewolf minis. I will be ordering more of these....

03752: Skeletal Champion

Emyr Butler
This was my first reaper product and I thought it was great. The detail is good and on mine I choose the other head which makes it look very much like Sauron!!! Anyway lots of lovely flat areas to show off metal painting skills and the details are well defined and respond well to washes and highlights (drybrushing is particularly effective)....

Hot Lead: Painting Difficult Colors (2 DVD Set)

Andrew David Mitton
this is a great tool for painting the hardest colours to paint and shows some examples how to shade the colours correctly and cool, warm versions as well...