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50112: Phat Clark, Gang Boss


*Note for anyone interested - This miniature has a 'Scouter' style plate over its right eye - not too hard to reimagine as an affixed eye patch or cybernetic component (depending on your needs) --
Overall this is a great model! - I will be ordering more copies for multiple projects (First purchase was for appraisal) - only cons are it can be quite 'flashy' and will not fit onto a standard base while tabbed - a good project for a custom basing job though (Pin to rubble/rocks etc)
My next one is for Fantasy - perfect model for my LARP/Tabletop character - Clark 'the Fatman' Thatcher: Smuggler, Trapsmith and Cunning Thug - simple weapon swap (Sword in back hand, Flintlock pistol)
Never feel limited, embrace the chaos that is your imagination ;)
Kenny 'The Fatman'
Date Added: 02/21/2018 by Ken C.